Jewish Spotlight: Ethiopia


The history of the Jews of Ethiopia constitutes a fantastic story of an ancient and extraordinary Jewish dynasty, who arrived at Eastern Africa, according to tradition, in the days of the first temple. In spite of persecutions, trials and attempts to force them to convert, the Jews of Ethiopia maintained their unique identity for centuries, and even elevated it and added their own special rituals. This accomplishment of theirs is worth memorizing, especially in light of the fact that for centuries it has been an excluded Jewish community, with little if any contacts with their fellow Jews. Still, they managed to survive great turmoil with rare internal strengths.

The new website “Jewish Spotlight: Ethiopia”, in cooperation with the Bader Fund, tells the unique, ongoing story of the Jewish community in Ethiopia, until their Aliyah to Israel in both “Operation Moses” (1984) and “Operation Solomon” (1991). Thanks to the comprehensive databases of Beit Hatfutsot, as well as over 10,000 photos by photographer Doron Bechar, documenting the Aliyah of Jews from Ethiopia, this website is wonderful, exciting news for both the Jews of Ethiopia and their descendants, and for the entire Jewish people.